Ludica Pizzeria & Game Room

Ludica Pizzeria & Game Room

This was a pleasant surprise. As we sat down and the group started to have enough people the host came and explained to us the rules of this game we had picked upon recommendation and tonight s mood. Then we started playing board games and ordered food.

The pizza crust is quite thin so a pizza would be about enough for an average size man. I had the arugula and prosciutto and parmesan. There was an abundance of pizza sauce, toppings and cheese. The crust was well toasted and browned. I also ordered the Italian sausage pasta.  The pasta to my surprise was well made as pizzeria pasta sometimes aren't very good.

After several games and about 3 hours of play we get desert, i got the ice cream and sorbet. It was nothing too special really, that is not their specialty. 

Overall great experience, great service and decent price, good pizza, forgettable desert. 

Also, check out their awesome weekly specials !

ludica pizzeria vancouver

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Dragon boat paddle comparison

dragonboat paddle

I’m only reviewing the ones I have experience with and are at around the same level.

* To be taken into account is also if there is a local sales rep because when your paddle breaks, the sales reps will replace them for free or fix them if it is within warranty.

Burn water Reactor II: ***

- 420g

- Nice feel and weight balance

- The blade is nice and flat, I like the catch better than the Apex counterpart.

- Seen a lot of handles break off. The sales rep fixed those paddles.

Apex Accelerator: ***

- 420g

shape of blade is triangular, the catch doesnt feel as solid as burn water but it is just my feel.

the handle was attached to the shaft with a triangular end which minimizes surface area for epoxy. Handle came off all the time. More recent models have a screw in there so the handle holds better. My handle and several of my teammates’ handles broke off.

- the weight distribution feels odd, it seems the blade is lighter than the burn water so when you hit a wave, you have to resist harder if you don’t want to lose your grip.

Trivium S12 ****

- 340g

- The paddle is extendable. Now this is a bit overlooked. A lot of first-time buyers are committing to paddle lengths that are shorter than they should be and regret it later on. This takes care of that problem.

- I've broken quite a few paddles in my career. I broke most at the joint between blade and shaft and broke another at the handle. To me, it feels nice to have a paddle that doesn’t have those two weak spots.

The Trivium has handle integrated with the shaft and blade integrated to shaft so there’s less chance of breaking the paddle there on an important race.

- It is more fragile than burn water: if u get hit by somebody behind u, it might leave a dent. Everyone I know who got a trivium swears never to go back to whatever they had before.

- there are also ergonomic handles as an option. not sure it makes a huge difference but because the finish is slightly rounded, you’d get less calus on your palm.

Chinook diablo **

- 545g

chinook's a quick fix.

- Everybody wants to get rid of their chinooks at a later point of their careers to get a higher grade paddle. If u just wanna have something thats better than wood, its a good alternative

- the finish of the blade is bad, the blade chips all over the edge, the entry will get worse and worse.

- The handle is round and a little thinner than the other paddles though and it has small grooves to improve grip. I actually liked that.


- Please don’t

- I always see people using these are it is fairly obvious the stroke is different. This makes it very hard for a team to blend. Typically, you will fall behind on the stroke and have slow recovery because it is much heavier than the carbon fibers.

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We found the best theather in town !

landmark cinemas new west

With the Dolphin Theatres closig its doors, its time for us frugal couple to move onto another home. Then we discovered Landmark theatre new westminster (google map).

Sure we could go to Metrotown Silver city with prebought movie tickets but:

landmark cinemas new west

Advantages of landmark theatre

- book your seat ahead of time so you dont have to wait in line, just like the ultraavx at silvercity but way cheaper

- student pricing 6$ (general 9$, 3d 12$)

- free parking: bring your parking ticket to the cash register, as they check your ticket you get the money back

- not a lot of people- less uninterested movie goers kicking your seat or talking because that's just part of their friday night


- area has nothing much to do

- not many restaurants

- not a lot of movie times for 2d movies (cause if you reading this post you probably dont care for 3d)

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Tuesday night at the museum

Seems like all deals fall on Tuesdays! Well if you’re tired of going to watch movies on Tuesdays and would like to experience something more intellectually stimulating, look no further! Did you know the Vancouver Art Gallery offers a donation’s night on Tuesday? You can still enjoy what others would pay for $20 on other days for whatever you think is reasonable. I recently visited the VAG on a Tuesday for the second time for the Bill Coupland collection! 

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How to reuse your old t-shirts

t shirt yarn

I didn't know this existed until a few days ago when I was browsing the web for some ideas on eco-fashion. I wanted to know if there was a way to help salvage perfectly good clothes from reaching the landfill.  We are all guilty of buying way to many clothes that we don't wear.  The evidence: the fashion industry reached almost $2,560 trillion in 2010 and the American household spent on average, $1,700 on apparel, footwear and related products and services in 2010!!

So when I saw this t-shirt yarn, it got me intrigued since only 15% of the total textile waste that is produced ends up back in the recycling depot!.  This means that 85% of used clothes goes straight to the landfill!!  I can understand that most people don't like wearing other people's used clothes (due to cleanliness and the fact that buying things makes us feel good)- the most a average person will do is send it out for donations.  But for the crafty people out there - I think this is something worth exploring !  

It is one thing to cut up a t-shrit and sew up the sides to make it bag/pouch, but how many bags/pouches do we need?? That would just end up as a side project waiting to be thrown away.  With t-shirt yarn, I think it can made it into something more useful and expressive - an perhaps less tacky.  ** Also a great idea for those shirts you get from volunteering and never wear !**

Ready to give it a try ? I found this useful YouTube video that shows how to transform your shapeless standard tee to something that can be made into anything you can image!

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