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This place first caught our eye because it claims to be the "quintessence" of Vietnamese food.  That is a bold claim to have, so we decided to try for ourselves!

The exterior of the cafe is interesting because it looks a bit ghetto with red lettering all over the place ( i guess to be consistent with the cafe name?) , but the inside is very nicely decorated.  We were greeted promptly by the server and had very good service.

The menu had some very authentic and unique Vietnamese food, some that you can't find at other "Pho" places since most Vietnamese restaurants' specialty is just Pho.  We decided to try something new and ordered a platter of sliced pork hoc with deep fried tofu with shrimp paste and a Bun bo hue (pho) to try.

The platter was authentic, though bland.  People that are not Vietnamese might not know how to eat it/ assemble it.  This dish was pretty minimalistic.  It doesn't really hit the spot.  It can be described as a normal home cooked dish in the countryside.

The Bun bo hue (pho) we ordered was of decent size, and somewhat different from other Bun bo hue (pho) we've had.  This is because their soup base is a bit different, not like the shrimp paste based we're used to (thicker broth).  This has a clearer broth and doesn't have any pork hoc in it.  It was a tasty dish over all.

Over all, we recommend this place if you want to try something new, but it's not your usually Pho joints.

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