Foodie Review: Sardine Can

Mr Frugal really likes Spanish food, so we decided to visit Sardine Can to try out their tapas.  We've heard good things about this place, but also acknowledge that this place can get expensive.  But since we decided to have an early dinner, it was a great place to grab some tapas!

Sardine Can on Urbanspoon

This place is a pretty small place, but is packed with good food.  

We ordered:

Tostas de Sardinas: Smoked Sardine on Toast

 Estufado de pulpo Octopus, potato and chorizo casserole


We really enjoyed the food that was there.  We were actually pretty full from our order.  

The Octopus, potato and chorizo casserole was our favourite.  It was cooked perfectly and had a good kick from the chorizo.  

The Paella was amazing! For the tapa sized Paella, it was packed with some good and BIG juicy seafood - as you can see from our picture - the prawn was huge!  High quality seafood for sure.  The unusual thing about this dish is that it's a bit drier than that you would expect compared to a traditional Paella.  Despite that, it was a pretty good dish!

Overall, we really enjoyed this nice little place.  It was tasty and we'll definitely come back for another visit.


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