Foodie Review: Sushimoto

We've always gone to Sushi Town or Sushi Garden and wanted to try something new.  So we went on Urbanspoon to look for a new sushi place and found Sushimoto.  We went here on a Saturday and it was full but not as crazy as Sushi Town or Sushi Garden.  Similar to the other two, Sushimoto is also operated by Koreans and their dishes were similar.

I also tried to reserve a spot for dinner at 6pm and all the available reservation spots were booked.  We had to do walk-in, but it only took about 5 mins to get our seats.

The decoration in the restaurant was pretty unique, they have decorated with lots of figurines and Japanese decorations.

We were four people so we ordered two special rolls (vegas and volcano), a deluxe assorted sashimi, seared tai flower and a tempura udon to share.

We were not too impressed with the special rolls because it tasted somewhat similar (same sauce?) and didn't have much of a distinct taste of anything.  The rolls were also pretty loose and everything fell out and hard to grab.

The sashmi was fresh and was nicely defrosted.  It was perfect for four people since everything was in portions of four except for the shrimp.  The shrimp was also fresh - it was spot prawns - maybe they were in season ?  The waitress offered to also tempura the spot prawn heads for free. 

The seared tai flower was tasty.  It was in a bath of ponzu and the flavour was perfect.  The texture of the seared tai was great because it wasn't too slimy.

The udon was like any other place and had good portions of tempura shrimp.

Overall, the restaurant was just average for us.  If you want value, sushi town and sushi garden is still the place to be.  Their portions are bigger tastes just a slightly better.  We thought the slices of sashimi we had at sushimoto would be a bit thicker, but it seems like their slices are a bit thinner than what you would expect at sushi town or sushi garden.

Sushimoto 鮨元 on Urbanspoon


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