We found the best theather in town !

landmark cinemas new west

With the Dolphin Theatres closig its doors, its time for us frugal couple to move onto another home. Then we discovered Landmark theatre new westminster (google map).

Sure we could go to Metrotown Silver city with prebought movie tickets but:

landmark cinemas new west

Advantages of landmark theatre

- book your seat ahead of time so you dont have to wait in line, just like the ultraavx at silvercity but way cheaper

- student pricing 6$ (general 9$, 3d 12$)

- free parking: bring your parking ticket to the cash register, as they check your ticket you get the money back

- not a lot of people- less uninterested movie goers kicking your seat or talking because that's just part of their friday night


- area has nothing much to do

- not many restaurants

- not a lot of movie times for 2d movies (cause if you reading this post you probably dont care for 3d)

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