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Hi Everyone!  It's been a while!

We've just finished all the crazy wedding planning and we're slowing getting back to reality.

Throughout the last few months, we were busy with work and wedding activities and I think it took a little toll on our eating habits!

A little while ago, we stumbled upon Snackbox!  Healthy snacks for the busy people - delivered right to your door!
Here's a little background on the company:

Snackbox began in December 2012 as a weekly subscription service of custom blended snack mixes. After a successful run, Foodee listened to customer feedback, and the product has evolved to what it is today. The new Snackbox is a monthly subscription featuring curated premium, healthy, natural, and delicious snacks. Our trained chef and holistic nutritionist, Laura Mar, carefully chooses all the products that are part of Snackbox. The snacks are selected based on their ingredients and taste appeal. All snacks are natural, and ethically produced by both small and large companies. Snackbox is helping people discover new healthy snacks.

Not only do I get the convenience of having healthy snacks, I would also get to try new brands and types of snacks =)
Here's a look at what I received!

It comes with a pamphlet that tells you where you can get the treats that you like after and how much they retail for.

Here's what I received for September:
  • KIND dark chocolate cherry cashew bar
  • King island coconut milk
  • Gimme organic seaweed snack
  • Mary's gone crackers chocolate chip cookie
  • Home free chocolate chip cookies
  • Brothers-all-natural pear fruit chips
  • Nature's path Q'ia superfood cereal in cranberry vanilla
  • Brookside dark chocolate fruit
  • Rocket food apple berry oatmeal
  • Mediterranean snacks tapas to go (hummus dip)
  • Dan-D pack macadamia sea salt
  • Angie's kettle corn
So far, I've tried the KIND bard and Bookside chocolates, and they are full of flavor despite being really healthy food!  They definitely satisfy my sweet tooth cravings !

If you have kids, it will be a good way to keep them entertained with different healthy snacks everyday !

Snackbox offers 1, 3, or 6 months subscription for $33, $27 and $24/month respectively !  Not bad for having a personal shopper ;)

And just because I REALLY want you guys to try it, sign up now and save $15 on me!

coupon code: FALL8910

expires Oct 31, 2013 *valid only for new customers

Happy munching !
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