My affordable alternative to Nutella

nutella alternative

I've recently become a huge fan of Nutella (yea I know I live under a rock...) and was hoping to wait for sales to go on before I get my jar ( I don't like to buy things when they're not on sale!) ..but i was down to the very last scoop and had to look for a solution fast!

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I was wondering if other "no name" brands had the same hazelnut goodness and I found it at Walmart for HALF the price!  I wasn't sure if the taste would be slightly different, but when it's mostly just hazelnut and chocolate..what can go wrong?? So I took the chance and didn't regret it at all!  Usually i would see Nutella for sale for around $7..but this was half the price.

Sometimes brand name just doesn't make a different... what are your thoughts?


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