How to find affordable wedding veils

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For the longest time I was u see the impression that I could only get my veil at a dress shop or make my own. Either I when to sacrifice money (~ $100) at the dress shop or time (find material and sew the lining of the veil).  But I have found the perfect solution today ! I went into Michaels for a browse and I stumbled upon this item in the wedding aisle.  It was just what I needed. Something simple and didn't cost me an arm and a leg. The total cost was under $30 !  I tried it on and was a bit crinkled from being Ina box but it's nothing I can't fix. It has two layers and comes down to my finger tips.  It also comes with the comb.

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Here is what the packaging looks like :

cheap wedding veil

Best solution to my wedding veil dilemma ! What do you think ?


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