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Finally tried this place for dinner. It was a really small restaurant and we were surprised that it wasn't jam packed on a Friday night.  Though we think lots more people order take out than eat in.  It was more similar to other sushi places like sushi town and sushi garden, similar menu and it was owned by koreans.  This is generally a good sign that it's a good value.

Out of all the dishes we like the spider roll the most.  It was soft shell crab - and there was lots of meat in the crab. It also had a very nice grilled flavour.  All the other items were pretty much standard taste.  

We decided to get the awesome roll because we were still hungry and it looked really nice from afar.  I didn't really like it once i got it because it was kind of messy to eat - they topped it off with deep fried yam fries which tasted like noodle snacks.

Overall it was a decent place to go, service was good and price was decent. Will probably go back for another meal.


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