Product Review of Brooklyn Olde Lantern

Well, I'm a sucker for infomercials. But most of the time, when I get the product, it doesn't exactly perform the way I thought it would in my gullible mind.
The Brooklyn Olde Lantern is one such item that I thought would be so great for when I go fix my Tercel and film videos. Its supposed to illuminate the whole room!!!
Well, not really. Lets take a look at this video

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So you can see that in close range, its actually not bad, kind of similar to the iPhone that we used for lighting in the second half of the video where the lantern is turned off, the lit area remained about the same brightness. You can also see a lot of dark streaks around which is really not ideal when you're trying to specifically light up an area.

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I was trying to use that to light up particular impasses in my car while trying to replace the oxygen sensor that you will soon see here... it didnt work too well and we ended up using an iPhone because the focused light on long range just ends up being better for specificity.
The build of the lantern also feels very cheap. The lantern is pretty light as a consequence.
The lantern takes C batteries... not super mainstream but i happened to have a lot of them, they seem to be common for lights.
Still, I can imagine this being really cool when we go camping or something because in pitch dark, it'd be enough to light up the wider area and not have to flash around looking for where you're going.
I bought this for 17.98$ including shipping, which is really not too bad. Now you have to be very careful when ordering this on their website because you start by entering your credit card number and then they make tons of sweet offers that are so long to read you might just see the words FREE and HALF PRICE and MORE POWERFUL or PREMIUM. But whatever you say yes to, THERE ARE NO CONFIRMATION PAGE, you will be buying those as you click yes!!!
So I somehow ended up buying 2 and it turned out i bought 3, and i called to cancel so i'd get 2, but they said my order was not in the system yet and to call back tomorrow. I saw Ok. Next day, when I called, they  tell me the order has been shipped and that they can't retract it. After bitching a little about how the guy said it would be ok o call next day, they told me they'd refund me 15$ and so I accepted because, well, its not too bad of a deal.

So bottomline, be very careful when ordering this piece.


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