Toyota Tercel small fixes

Tercel fixing series
The Toyota Tercel is such a classic car. You still see a whole lot of them around and that is because they were so well built. However, they are starting to feel the age. Mine is a 1995 and frankly is not worth that much anymore (approximately 500-1000).
Why you'd want to do all this fixing yourself?
- the maintenance fees per year doesnt make sense anymore considering the actual worth of the car.
- only replace yourself stuff that is not critical to your safety, like light bulbs. Leave the more critical stuff to the pros
- its a fun system to play with: I've been wanting to play with robotics, rather than buying a bunch of robotics, just play with this car
- if you mess it up beyond recognition, buy a new car.
I will be posting a bunch of images and videos soon enough. Most of them were really simple things if you know the tricks but can be a lot of time trying to figure it out if not
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