Kansas City - Fiorella's Jack Stack

Seriously amazing.
I've been there 3 times since I've been in Kansas, 2 times dining and one time take out because i just wanted the prime rib.
Let's focus on the prime rib. It is not a slice of today's prime rib with some Au Jus. This is a short rib, with a lot of meat on it, slow smoked (not slow cooked) and finished with a roast. The surface was crispy and the meat underneath fell off the bone. and the bones, I wanted to suck it dry but it was just charred sauce and dry rub on it.
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Seriously, for a normal sized guy, an appetizer is enough but I still managed to finish a whole meal. let's put some photos.

A good amount of fat that mostly melted away. The meat was cooked in aluminium foil probably so to slow smoke it without drying it out. I really wish there was a way to smoke food and not lose the juice however. And I dont mean pouring some liquid smoke in there.

Look at that crispy surface!

The Crown prime rib by itself is 12.95 and is THE article to order. I had the ultimate rib dinner and the other ribs just didnt really make a stance compared to this one. They were good but not significant.

Other items I've ordered were the wings (too salty in my opinion). When they said 1lb, they really meant 1kg, the drummettes were nearly the size of a small drumstick... i was barely able to finish.

I really have to find a place which serves this in Vancouver. If you know of any places, please let us know! In the meantime, I'll be experimenting at home trying to recreate it though I know without smoking it for hours/days, I just wont get the same thing.


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