Mighty putty

Well lets start by saying good luck pulling that truck with this bind. It does the job at fixing lightweight broken items and does well at blocking a small leak. However i think most heavier duty broken items such as the handle of my dragon boat paddle did not even last 10 strokes. Its never really hard either so you can always peel it off and it certainly doesn't bond with the surface its on too well. This make mighty putty a pretty poor glue for most applications. And it still needs a dry surface to bond on, this means if a pipe is leaking, u gotta clean the surface and put the putty on all in one second. Not really feasible and if there's water, it'll just leak out before the putty is dry.

I will be using it on a pipe that is leaking. See how that goes

So we turned off the water of the whole community garden, applied the putty. If you dont use this often, the top part of the tube will be dry and you'll have to waste it. But well, after putting it on, waiting 30minutes and turning the water back on, it seems to be a success!

My fingers were filthy from playing with the putty because you have to work it before its good for usage. Takes a lot of scrubbing to get that off.

I don't recommend it. Get a real epoxy, you'll see that the bond is better, smoother, and probably blocks leaks better, it just takes way more time to dry. We're going to have to replace the pipe anyways eventually, can this putty really last through the winter?


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