Vancouver finds - cafe deux soleils

 Found this interesting cafe on commercial drive. It is a vegetarian joint so no meat incase u r craving for some ! This place is quite roomy but they host poetry slams and to my surprise it fills up fast !! The food there is price pretty well and portions are big enough. I ordered a small chili and it came in a bowl that I would think would be considered a large. The chili was also a bit on the spicy side ...

This place has a fun environment when the poetry slam is on ... It is very engaging and the host makes sure the audience is involved.

The only nasty surprise I got was hat there was a cover of $6 to sit in on a poetry slam ... On top of your food purchase !!

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  1. What a great place! And that chili looks delicious! Definitely want to check this place out next time I'm in Vancouver!

  2. When you actually know the reasoning as to why there is a &6 cover fee at the door. It is so the poets who win can be sent across places in the world to compete in Poetry Nationals. The money taken at the door is funding the Vancouver Poetry Slam. Cafe Deux Soleils is a location that holds the Poetry Slam. The two funding's are totally separate and the money is not combined from what is brought in for food and what is brought in through the cover fee at the door. Just so you know for next time! That your money is going towards something ever so fantastic :)


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