Traveling with Groupons !! Good or Bad??

Sounds like a good idea right??

If you know you will be there for a long time and maybe if you BUY when you are at the place you are traveling to...then yes.

But we've learned the hard way to never PRE-BUY Groupons before our trips!

Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Time constraint - if you are unorganized, you might not realize you have to pre-book or the place is unavailable when you are free.
  2. The deal really isn't THAT good if you're not familiar with the place..might be better deals there
  3. Probably not in the prime location - you'll probably have to travel really far - and this is hard to do when you don't know that area well or if you don't have your own transportation.

You maybe saving yourselves a lot of money, but to be frank, you might be just lying to yourself and causing yourselves a lot of stress.


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