Infomercial Miracle Blade III

Miracle Blade III

One word, freakin awesome deal!!!

Just get the normal deal, 20$, you get

Rock and Chop (not used too frequently, my grand mother used it once for chopping a roasted pig, that was the only time i thought it was irrepplaceable)
Chop and Scoop (probably the best to make thin slices of meat, one of my mom's favorites)
Slicer (ok, so apparently it cuts through bricks, shoes, walls... it might, but it would take a LOT of time, it does stay sharp though), kind of an all around knife but i quickly found other knives i liked better so i never use this one anymore.
Pairing knife (pretty useless)
5 Steak knives (these are actually pretty good and sturdy, chances are people will keep those forever in their homes)
FILET: now i left all these knives home for my mom when I moved to Vancouver. This is the one knife i really miss. You know what you saw on the commercial, well, its actually true. I used to skin salmon filets so easily, now... i'm having a pretty hard time. I need a flexible knife so that it follows the skin and cuts through the rest. The only thing i find weak about this knife is that its designed for right handed people. the blade is asymmetric, one side is flat, the other has the angle of the blade so it is a tiny bit harder for left-handed people to filet stuff. (i'm left-handed when it comes to using knives). AMAZING KNIFE!



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