{Guest Post} 7 Ways to Have a Frugal But Fabulous Wedding

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When the man you love gets down on one knee and getting married becomes a reality, there are lots of things to think about. Many women have been planning their special day since they were a little girl, and will know how they want everything to be. Even if you weren’t bitten by the bridal bug at a young age, you will be when it comes to organizing your wedding.

If you’ve let your dream day run away with you, you may be met with a shock when it comes to costing the event. But budgeting worries shouldn’t dampen your special day. You can still plan the day of your dreams, without giving your bank balance nightmares.

How to Have a Frugal Wedding
With money tight for most of us right now, having a frugal wedding is becoming more and more commonplace. But compromising on cost doesn’t mean compromising on quality. There are loads of ways you can still have a perfect wedding but on a budget. Here are seven ways you can have a frugal, but fabulous wedding:

1. Invitations
Wedding invitations can leave a large and unexpected hole in our budget. Not only do we spend a small fortune on the best designs we can find, the cost of posing hundreds of letters mounts up. If you’re looking to save on the invites, why not get crafty and make your own? There are plenty of kits out there to help you out, or you can even make some online.
If you have a very large guest-list, postage can cost a small fortune. If possible, give out invitations by hand, or send multiple family members’ invites to one address. You could also consider sending out e-invites via email as a free but effective alternative.

2. Dress Alterations
If you’re lucky enough to find your dream dress fits perfectly, then you’ve already saved time and money. But if your dress does need any alterations, it is best to shop around. Ask the bridal boutique whether alterations are included in the cost, or how much they will set you back.
If you can’t afford to part with that much cash, don’t be afraid to take your dress to another seamstress. Just make sure you leave enough time for the alterations to be made, and for extra fittings. When including your wedding dress in the budget, make sure you account for alterations so the cost isn’t a shock.

3. Grooms’ Tux
Your husband-to-be may have just as much difficulty as you in finding the perfect suit. Getting matching suits for him and all his groomsmen can be costly, but there are ways to cut the cost. Firstly, look into hiring the suits. This will be much cheaper than buying one he will never wear again.
You should also check out what the high street has to offer. There are loads of great stores where you can buy classic suits, for much less than a tailor would charge. There will be little compromise on quality, but your budget will be much less restricted.
4. Favours
The giving of wedding favours is a great way to thank your guests for sharing your day. However when you have a large list of invitees, the costs can mount up. Frugal but fabulous wedding favours can be found all over the internet, meaning you don’t have to miss out.
Many vendors have favours for under £1/$1 on their sites, so you can still give a small token. If nothing takes your fancy there, why not make your own? DIY favours are a great way to show your appreciation, and add a personal touch to your day. 

5. Catering
Catering is pretty much an essential part of any wedding day. But it can prove to be one of the most expensive. Some frugal brides are choosing to prepare and provide the food themselves. This may only be a cost effective solution though if you’re having a small [party].

Shop around and compare prices before settling. You should also weigh up the costs of having a sit-down meal to having a buffet. Both work perfectly for weddings, but the difference in cost may surprise you.

6. Photography and Videography
Everyone wants to capture their wedding day perfectly. But wedding photography can be expensive. If you know someone with a professional camera, why not ask them to take some photos on your behalf? You could also give guests disposable cameras and get them to capture your day.
Some photographers will charge less if you book an engagement and wedding shoot in one. Look into the options open to you, and don’t feel pressured. Just because your best friend had an engagement shoot, doesn’t mean you have to. Save your money for the things that mean the most to you.

7. Honeymoon
Some couples will spend just as much on their honeymoon as they did on the wedding. If you’re planning a frugal wedding, you can save on the honeymoon too. Travel agents may offer deals on post-wedding getaways so it’s worth checking these out.
Too expensive? Why not book a last minute break, or try online? Many sites will book your outbound and inbound flights, accommodation, and transfers separately. This will reduce the cost, but not scrimp on style.

Planning a wedding on a shoestring doesn’t have to mean being ‘cheap’. You can still have an amazing day, and no-one need know you’ve budgeted cleverly. And all these touches will make your day much more personal. And isn’t that what your wedding is all about anyway?

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