Frugal Tip - Deal Extreme

Damn this site is awesome. It brings Chinese cheap prices right at your doorstep. The only inconvenience is that normal shipping is freaking slow. It takes on average 1month for something to make it to my place.
Some good deals I found:
- Mini Display to VGA converter
I bought a Mac Mini, and the LCD screen I have is too old so it uses VGA. The Mac Mini has a mini display output with a converter to go DVI. I needed a DVI to VGA converter so as every average joe, i went to Future Shop. It was 45$!!!!! plus taxes, comes out to nearly 50$!!!
This converter was 10.70$. I saved 40$!! Even if you pay for the super fast shipping, you're still saving a good chunk of money.

now dont take my word for it because the reviews say it really stinks, which i'm not really sure how bad can a laptop lock smell? but apparently several people said that. And they meant stink as in smells bad, not as in bad product. Still, looks just like other laptop locks that are 20$-50$.

- iPhone earphone with microphone and remote
damn thats a good deal. Futureshop charges 100$ for the same thing but u can plug them into ur ear for more sound isolation, which is kinda nice but i'm sure they'll be on DealExtreme soon enough, for 8$.
- iPhone data cable
DX 1.6$
Futureshop 23$ (it says moshi on it...)
ok, COME ON!!!
Bottomline, if you think accessory, mass production, think DealExtreme.


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