Wedding Wednesday - The Checklist !

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June 13, 2012 -The wedding is more than a year away, but it's never too early to start!
November 2012 - falling a bit behind....=s

 12 or More Months Before
  •         Determine potential dates and times for your wedding.   Sept 2013!
  •         Decide on the size, formality and setting of your wedding.small wedding of under 120
  •         Create a wedding and engagement budget.  under $20,000
  •         Reserve the locations for your wedding and reception.  we're doing it on the water ! ;)
  •         Meet with and book your wedding officiant or clergy.just booked!
  •         Choose your wedding party and confirm the participants.
  •         Choose your wedding rings.
  •         Draw up an initial guest list. brainstorming started on google docs!
  •         Organize your engagement party.
    9–12 Months Before
  •         Order your wedding dress and attendants’ attire.
  •         Book your photographer and videographer.we're way ahead of schedule on this one ;)
  •         Reserve a caterer. done
  •         Arrange for decor, chair covers and linens.
  •         Book your live entertainment or DJ.
  •         Reserve your florist.
  •         Order your wedding cake.
  •         Reserve any rental items from the rental company.
  •         Register your gift choices at your favourite stores.
  •         Research accommodation for out-of-town guests.
  •         Plan your honeymoon.planning!
    6–9 Months Before
  •         Decide on your menu. we're ahead on this one!
  •         Reserve the musicians and soloist for your ceremony.
  •         Reserve your limousine service.
  •         Order your invitations and any other stationery.
  •         Order wedding favours for your guests.
  •         Choose outfits for mother of the bride and mother of the groom.
  •         Check marriage licence requirement
    3–6 Months Before
  •         Finalize your guest list.
  •         Choose the reader for your ceremony.
  •         Finalize your order with the florist.
  •         Reserve the men’s wedding attire.
  •         Make an appointment with your hairdress
    2 Months Before
  •         Mail the invitations.
  •         Decide on your wedding vows or compose your own.
  •         Finalize the reception menus.
  •         Confirm the wedding details with the musicians and clergy or officiant.
  •         Have the programs printed.
  •         Purchase gifts for parents and attendants.
  •         Make appointments for nails and make-up.
  •         Schedule final dress fitting.
    1 Month Before
  •         Apply for a marriage licence.
  •         Plan the rehearsal dinner.
  •         Meet with photographer and videographer.
    2 Weeks Before
  •         Have a party for the attendants.
  •         Draft the speeches.
  •         Finalize reception details.
  •         Call any guests who have not replied.
  •         Meet with your hairdresser and make-up artist for consultation.
  •         Deliver song lists to musicians or playlists to disc jockey.
  •         Confirm honeymoon reservations.
    1 Week Before
  •         Finalize seating plan.
  •         Determine the order for the procession.
  •         Have your rehearsal.
  •         Confirm accommodation reservations.
  •         Pick up the attire for the groomsmen.
  •         Confirm the final numbers with the caterer.
  •         Confirm details with the limousine company.
  •         Deliver your marriage licence to the officiant.
  •         Draw up a seating arrangement for the reception and write out the place cards.
  •         Choose someone to hand out the bombonieres or wedding favours.
  •         Choose someone to return any rented items after the wedding.
  •         Write any cheques required for the wedding day.
  •         Pack for your honeymoon
    On the Day
  •         Give the wedding bands to the best man.
  •         Give the best man any cheques that need to be given out that day.
  •         Present the attendants and parents with their gifts.
  •         Relax and enjoy your special day!
    After the Wedding
  •         Make a gift list and send out your thank-you notes.
  •         Send thank-you letters to suppliers and attendants.
  •         If you are changing your name, you can purchase a kit to make the job easy.
  •         Arrange for cleaning and preservation of your gown.


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