Meet the Sponsors!–June Edition

Thank you all SO much for participating! This is my first month accepting sponsors, and there has been a really good turnout!!

If you are interested in sponsoring for July, please head over to this page!

Thank you lovely sponsors!
Check out their Kickstarter project for a customizable picture case for your iPhone.

A simple ad to promote a local blog that offers unique and fun things to do in Vancouver.
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An elementary school teacher who teaches in heels! I love spending time with my friends and family! I am a Kappa Delta, a shopaholic, a fashionista, a girlfriend, sister, aunt, best friend.
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A fellow blogger with a love for frugality, family, and life. 
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A blog about family, parenthood, DIY, photography, infertility, and a little bit of everything else in between.
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An eco friendly accessories shop on Etsy and specializes in making fun feathered hair pieces and jewelry with a free spirited, bohemian vibe.
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A 25yo Canadian lifestyle blogger, interested in design, nutrition, beauty & skincare!
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a nerdy boy mom who loves all things bookish, music, fashion and beauty. I'm also a pretty big pop culture and social media junkie.
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