The Liquid Diet

Okay so how do you make a really quick meal with that has a lot of stuff that you need and plenty of vegetables? My method was to make blended pasta. You just grab a handful of pasta, 3 cups of water, adding carrots celery broccoli and the secret weapon was the avocado. Once you put that in the blender and you press blend and wait and because of the avocado, it will become really smooth. Kinda tastes like a smoothie. Of course, you also need a great blender for that that will blend even rough mixes. And you need a big one.

The Ninja Kitchen System seems a good choice, but after trying it out, i found it had a conceptual fail: the square shape of the container. WTF. There's stuff that gets stuck unblended at the sides. And the container is plastic instead of glass... It is powerful though. I found more success using a traditional blender that has a round container.

This was my breakfast, lunch and dinner for a few months. It was the healthiest time of my life. Of course, I sometimes went to restaurants too because that diet wouldnt be sustainable. This diet was complemented by protein shakes.


One large avocado

One cup of pasta preferably macaroni because it blends easy

One celery stalk

One broccoli

3 cups of water

Blend on high until smooth

A variation of this Blended pasta is a pleasant sweet discovery which was when I cooked too much rice and I had yogurt in the fridge (Cherry flavored yogurt). So for this, use one cup of cooked rice and 2 cups of yogurt plus one cup of water then blend on high. The beauty of this is that it will be sweet so you eat it like a rice pudding that is cherry tasting. Enjoy.


2 cups of Yogurt

1 cup of cooked rice

1 cup of water


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