How to make an espresso coffee

Espresso coffee has become really popular in the last decade. I guess people were tired of getting coffee that had been sitting in a big jug for x hours (i know because I used to work at a closed down Dunkin' donuts, at night when there are barely any customers and they don't want to wait for their coffees if they want one, you just serve them a cup a good old coffee).

When you go to Starbucks, Blenz, Second Cup, or even Tim Hortons and McDonalds, you can now get an Espresso, which is an individually brewed coffee, right on the spot for you as you order it. This coffee is different from drip coffee for one big reason: it uses pressurized water!

As usual, I like to go step by step into showing you how its done. Watch the video, it should be more revealing.

1- Buy finely ground coffee from any store. I got some fine coffee from an italian market but the same bag was available at superstore for half the price. The bags come vacuum packed so to keep the coffee freshness. Or you can go and grind your own coffee but make sure you select the fine grind.

2- Open the Espresso maker by screwing off the top.

3- put filtered water in the bottom compartment. Make sure that when you put the filter part back on, no water is seen in the coffee compartment or else there's too much water and the coffee will overflow when ready.

4- fill the coffee compartment with ground coffee, you dont need to compress the coffee, just fill it up and level it pouring the rest of the coffee away.

5- screw the top back on

6- turn your stove to max (this is going to take a few minutes depending on the power of your stove and the quantity of water). Mine is a 2 show model, and my stove is one of those with the red light. It takes about 5 minutes to make a coffee.

but not to worry, you can warm up the milk and froth it in the meantime.

I use the microwave to warm up liquids. I've tried using the stove before and I found it to be a waste of time and energy (microwave was designed to heat up water!). A whole cup can get pretty comfortably hot in 1 minute.

8- fill up a cup leaving space for the coffee with milk or chocolate milk (i like to put chocolate milk so because the quantity of sugar is perfect for me)

9- heat in microwave for 1min

10- use a frother and beat that up (there are several grades of frother and my friend uses one that warms up the milk as it froths it but its way more expensive). Mine is a 8$ one from Home outfitters

- the coffee would be nearly done at this point, you can hear it migrate to the top compartment. then the sound of migration ends... this means there's no more water at the bottom. time to take it off the fire.

11- in the video, you'll see that i was lazy and poured the coffee into the frothed milk. This kills a bit of the froth. You should pour the coffee into a cup, and the milk and froth into it.

- and there you have it, a moka latte!

- you can melt in some dark chocolate chips and have a dark moka, or mint chocolate, or just plain water to make an Americano, of whatever you want!

And best thing about this, it costs about 40c to make this coffee, tops. The coffee itself is real cheap, about 20c, the milk would cost you roughly 20c (assuming 200ml from a 2L carton at 2$).

--> really nice to enjoy one on your own balcony watching traffic on a sunday morning. After all, you're paying for that mortgage/rent!

espresso ground coffee from superstore (5$)
Frother from Home outfitters (8$)

You can buy a traditional stovetop espresso maker for about 20$ here.

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