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This weekend we discovered this new case frām on Kickstarter which will let you design your own case!  I’ve been through many iPhone cases because I get bored of my case easily and  always want to switch up the designs on it…but I end up buying all these cases that I won’t use anymore…!! (how many used cases do you have ?) (My fiance particularly likes gold-colored cases that look over the top, but hasnt been able to find THE ULTIMATE design that catches his eyes, perhaps time to create his own by putting real gold in there...)

But I think this case will finally solve my problems!
It's a really simple case design, but one you can get creative with and put your own personal touches.

All you need is the case, scissors and a nice image to put on the back! (trace – cut – insert!) (the clear backing acts as a tracer). It's kind of nice to have a reason to go and develop photos at the store again and have them physically be in our lives.

You can pretty much put anything on the back since it is designed to take the thickness of basic cardstock – that means you can also put a mini scrapbook on the back of you phone if you’d like or some really cool fabric design!

What’s so special about this case??

- textured side – non slip rubber grip (i dont think its rubber, its hard plastic with etched lines so it wont slip). After using my most recent rubber one, I found the rubber tends to deteriorate after time, it took about 6months for my rubber bumper to fall apart.
 - the edge of the case is high enough so that the screen and back won’t get scratched when it’s placed on the table. (must have for me!!) After having dropped it a couple of times, I realize how important having the raised borders is at saving the glass screen.
- comes with a handy iPhone app that will allow you to take pictures and crop your photos
- made out of polycarbonate for durability. Polycarbonate is a hard plastic so it is more resistant to scratches than the soft plastic that most cases use.

- scissors challenged? no problem! the black edge of the case is actually very forgiving if you can’t cut a straight line!

Where to get this case?

Here’s the catch.  This product is only pre-selling  on Kickstarter.

The IDEATIVE is trying to reach their goal by July 21, 2012 to fund their project.  So if you love this idea, support it!

You help them reach their goal by pre-buying/pledging their project!

Depending on how much you pledge, it will be like you are committing to buying their product if it reaches the goal and your pledge will be associated with a prize.

***Get a special pricing when you order yours on Kickstarter! – you can get a frām for only $25  - a retail value of $30 *** Additionally, you get lifetime warranty, how crazy is that???

You can contribute as much as you’d like until their deadline (July 21, 2012) or you can even back out of the deal.  Also, your credit card won’t be charged if they don’t reach their goal.

Here’s an extra incentive to help them reach their goal : with the iPhone 5 coming out, they’ll start working on the iPhone 5 version AND an ipod version if they reach $100 K !
more information about Kickstarter here .


A little bio about this project :

Tired of the daily grind, Tavis Schriefer and Ed Stanfield ditched their corporate jobs and founded IDEATIVE to pursue their passion for innovation. Inspired by problems encountered by technology users, they made some cool products like Socket Sense surge protectors, FlexUSB adapters & cables, and Revolution HDMI cables. Now they're excited to be bringing it to the crowd with frām case for iPhone.

DIY ideas -

diy iphone case.DIY iPhone Case

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  1. This ensures the original Apple design along with a bit of pizzaz. Furthermore, even bulky cases designed for maximum protection have revitalized their lineup of cases and accessories for the new iPhone 5 and iPad mini, thus making the new cases thinner, and sleeker. Some of these cases have gone as far as to make the original Apple design look dismal in compared to a device with a case.



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