Batch cooking: spaghetti sauce

Making pasta can be very quick but making the sauce every time will take a lot of time so working to make a batch of sauce split into several small containers and freeze them for single use

3 pounds of lean ground beef
Two celery stalks
1 pound of mushrooms
Tomato paste two cans
Italian herbs and Bay leaves
A little bit of sugar

I like my sauce chunky so cut everything in quarter inch thick slices the celery and mushrooms and onions
Combined with tomato paste and herbs and meat
Make sure the meet is also affiliated from each other
We can make meatballs following the recipe at the bottom if you like meatballs
Cooking pot for about one hour on medium heat covered so it doesn't splatter out
Put it in the slow cooker's immersed in water
Cook for about 2-3 hour until thick

2 pounds of lean ground beef
Garlic three cloves
One cup of breadcrumbs
One egg
One cup of chopped parsley
Salt pinch

Cut the garlic clothes minced it really
Chopped parsley so you can still see you a little bit of leaves
Diced the onions into small pieces
Panfry the garlic and onions
Combined in a big bowl with me and everything else
May want to add a tiny bit of water
Preheat oven very talked about 400 to 500 firings were only a seal lease meatball
After cooking for about five minutes 5 to 10 minutes In oven throw into didn't meet sauce that you've prepared earlier

You can also precooked macaroni but that's really easy just while for the time on the box and drain

Everyday just cool enough macaroni and put the sauce on and you have a meal
This should be enough sauce for about 10 meals

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