Batch Cooking: Chicken legs

This recipe is to make rosemary and sage chicken legs as a batch in the oven the skin will be crispy and that will be rendered out into saucepan

Eight chicken legs
Fresh rosemary and sage
Cajun spices salt

Seasoned the chicken with fresh rosemary sage and Cajun spices and salt you can leave it overnight for marinating
Turn on your oven preheat at 350 Fahrenheit
Put in the chicken on the oven grill
Place a roasting pan underneath so it can catch all the oil and juices
Roast for one hour

Remove chicken from grill and put in on plate for cooling
Save the juices and grease in the bowl and put to the refrigerator
The next day you can peel off the oil layer and put in the garbage and you the juices for as a base for chicken broth

This should last you four meals at least

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