Vancouver Finds: wings wings wings!!

guide to cheap wings

in order of worse deal to best deal:

the reef (on commercial drive)

jamacian jerk wings

ok so its not as expensive as full price wings, ... but look at them. they are thin, and they look burnt (they are). the jamaican spices are supposed to be pretty good though. it could have been good. i've made wings that looked and tasted like that. burnt sugar on wings in the deep fryer.

wings on granville:
39c everyday from 3-6pm.
these wings are too thin and small. however, the price is more acceptable if at the right time of the day. there are also a lot of flavours to choose from, including the classics and more (jakarta fire?)

elephant walk neighborhood pub (41/knight): (Monday and Wednesdays 4pm-close 3.99/lb, and saturdays all days/39c per wing)
all choices were first battered and deep fried, KFC style. then they are tossed (extra 30c) in the choice of spices, not that many choices however, they kinda all tasted the same because its really just deep fried with batter.
the specials require a drink purchase.

mountain shadow pub (bottom of SFU) (Tuesdays and Wednesday)
the wings were a decent size and SO CHEAP (25c).  There are not as many flavours to choose from but can't complain with the price.  Drink required for this special.

deuce bungalow ( on granville and nelson)

cheapest and classiest wings we've had (25c) EVER!
there are only 3 flavours, but they are high quality wings and are big and juicy and nicely presented. The flavours are breaded, coriander honey garlic and barbeque.  no drink order required.
this deal was available during the summer, but it maybe a limited time promotion.


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