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Foodie Review: Szechuan House Restaurant

We are definitely returning customers at this restaurant.  Every time I wish to eat something fulfilling, this is my go-to place.
There are several types of Szechuan dishes we've tried there.

The spicy special oil dishes look very authentic. There is plenty of chili and numbing szechuan peppers. The oil is properly flavoured, plenty of crushed garlic. Very aromatic. There are also sweet bean paste style dishes which are very good. 

Dishes we've tried:
- spicy pork intestine 
- pork belly with tree mushroom, in a sweet special sauce
- beef tripe in special spicy sauce

The dishes have plenty of meat. We usually just order 2 dishes and rice for 2 people and it is definitely enough.

All very good. In my opinion the best Szechuan deal in town.

Szechuan House Restaurant (Burnaby) 巴渝菜舍 on Urbanspoon

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Vancouver Craft Brewery Guide

In recent years, Vancouver has become one of the well-known craft brewery cities.  Much like Portland, we not have a big hipster community and along with that, comes all the cool craft breweries - with affordable tasty beer!

We have been enjoying our  new affordable hangouts and here are a few that we've tried recently:

2$ sampler, 7$ flight 4.5$ glasses
framboise noir: nice thick raspberry texture, light alcohol taste, very refreshing
hefeweizen: not your usual diluted hefeweizen. This one was quite thick and strong taste, refreshing wheat flavor
middle drink, not super memorable
IPA: as usual, hoppy

ultimate lowest price, 1$ samplers, 3$ glass
tried porter, grapefruit, IPA, geezer, pilsner
nothing was extra spectacular, the IPA was the usual hoppy IPA taste, the pilsner was a normal budweiser style taste, the porter and geezer had a nice levels of coffee flavor. The grapefruit beer was not intensely grapefruity but had the aroma

IPA and porter
IPA was the usual hoppy IPA

3$ glass
had tastes, IPA and stout

stronger hoppy IPA, stout was nice and thick

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Ludica Pizzeria & Game Room

Ludica Pizzeria & Game Room

This was a pleasant surprise. As we sat down and the group started to have enough people the host came and explained to us the rules of this game we had picked upon recommendation and tonight s mood. Then we started playing board games and ordered food.

The pizza crust is quite thin so a pizza would be about enough for an average size man. I had the arugula and prosciutto and parmesan. There was an abundance of pizza sauce, toppings and cheese. The crust was well toasted and browned. I also ordered the Italian sausage pasta.  The pasta to my surprise was well made as pizzeria pasta sometimes aren't very good.

After several games and about 3 hours of play we get desert, i got the ice cream and sorbet. It was nothing too special really, that is not their specialty. 

Overall great experience, great service and decent price, good pizza, forgettable desert. 

Also, check out their awesome weekly specials !

ludica pizzeria vancouver

Ludica Pizzeria & Game Room on Urbanspoon

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We found the best theather in town !

landmark cinemas new west

With the Dolphin Theatres closig its doors, its time for us frugal couple to move onto another home. Then we discovered Landmark theatre new westminster (google map).

Sure we could go to Metrotown Silver city with prebought movie tickets but:

landmark cinemas new west

Advantages of landmark theatre

- book your seat ahead of time so you dont have to wait in line, just like the ultraavx at silvercity but way cheaper

- student pricing 6$ (general 9$, 3d 12$)

- free parking: bring your parking ticket to the cash register, as they check your ticket you get the money back

- not a lot of people- less uninterested movie goers kicking your seat or talking because that's just part of their friday night


- area has nothing much to do

- not many restaurants

- not a lot of movie times for 2d movies (cause if you reading this post you probably dont care for 3d)

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Happy Hours 2014 in Vancouver

We like to live up to our name as the Frugal Couple...
So here are some places that offer Happy Hour Menus in Vancouver!
 Happy Hours 2014 in Vancouver
Joe Fortes  - 50% off bar menu - 4 to 6 p.m. daily

Browns Social House - Drink special and wings and ribs for $6  - 3 to 6 p.m. daily
Hapa Izakaya  - Special varies by location - discounted price on popular dishes -

Robson and Kitsilano: 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. daily
Yaletown: 5 to 6 p.m. daily
Coal Harbour: 3 to 5:30 p.m. daily
The Flying Pig - Appy menu for $6 or less ! - 4-6 p.m. daily
Coast -  50% off Appy menu and drink specials - 3 to 6 p.m. weekdays
Ebisu -  99 cents oysters and 39cents wings to start  - 4:30-6:30 daily
Like What You See? Treat us to COFFEE!
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Vancouver Deals - Flight Deals!

Air Canada, Porter and WestJet has some crazy deals ! Deal ends May 7th!

50% off selected flights to Eastern Canada.

Start your summer vacation planning now!

go here for more details!

from RedFlag Deals: New deadline to save 50% on select flights is May 7 (11:59 pm local time from your city of departure). Use this new promo code PROMO05MAY12. Travel must take place by June 22, 2012.
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Vancouver Finds: Cheap Movies in Burnaby

My fiancé and I's favourite place to go is the Dolphin Cinema at the Intersection of Hastings and Alpha in Burnaby they are now part of the Cineplex group.

All movies are only $6.95 everyday for Adults and the best unknown deals are on Tuesdays movies where it's their $2 movie day!!

Nope, they don't play the second hand outdated movies, they play the new releases that that are playing at the big theatres!

click here for show times now!

4555 East Hastings StreetBurnabyBCV5C 2K3(604) 569-3369

Today we watch 21 jump street. It was only 2 dollars of course. Then, the owner came in and announced that Thursday at midnight they will be playing a sneak preview of the avengers. 6.95 as usual at midnight. If you would like to encourage the cheap movie going, purchase some of their food and drinks as it is how they survive in this hard world.

Awesome place, plus you can lift the armrest and enjoy quality time with your significant other! 

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Cheap Flights with Airmiles

How to accumulate Airmiles?

You might have been ignoring Airmiles for most of your life, and we understand because most of the time, filling up gas will never get you anywhere. However, there is one worthy deal in town that makes it totally worth it. That'd be going to Safeway.
Its not every week. Most deals don't get you anywhere, but once in a while, there are deals to watch out for:
  • coke products --> you can usually get 50 air miles for 8-10$ worth of coke products which are on special
  • cereal --> you can generally get 100 air miles for about 25$ worth of cereal. Note that the ratio is not as good as the coke products but still nice to have some variety.
  • toilet paper/paper towel/tissues --> 100airmiles for about 25$. Now I would go for the toilet paper because the product is actually on sales vs paper towels that you'd be buying purely for points.

Stock up when you can and if your friends want to buy off you... its still a good price for them.

This is a good place to find deals but its often outdated. 
You just have to look for those Extreme deals and calculate to see what the air mile/$ ratio is.
Apparently, Safeway has been reducing the number of air miles for these deals but I haven't bought in a while.

Moral of the story, you can buy stuff at safeway or spend 60$ on gas and get 5 pts.

Where to go on Airmiles?

Not all deals are equal when you are flying from Vancouver.
  • Vancouver--> Toronto 3125 pts (if you have the BMO Gold card, you get 25% off, 2344pts). If you pay cash, its 548+178$
  • Vancouver-->San Francisco/Los Angeles/Las Vegas 1600pts (with BMO card, its 1200). If you pay cash 198+119tx based on flightnetwork
so those are all pretty good deals, especially because with air miles, the prices are not sensitive to random price changes so you know you're always going to pay the same thing.

  • Vancouver-->Honolulu however is going to cost 4950pts (3713 with BMO gold card) and you'd be paying right around the same as the Toronto flight if you were to pay cash. That would not be a good deal, but hey, its Hawaii!!!

If you know of other ways to accumulate/use air miles, please comment!
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Vancouver Finds: wings wings wings!!

guide to cheap wings

in order of worse deal to best deal:

the reef (on commercial drive)

jamacian jerk wings

ok so its not as expensive as full price wings, ... but look at them. they are thin, and they look burnt (they are). the jamaican spices are supposed to be pretty good though. it could have been good. i've made wings that looked and tasted like that. burnt sugar on wings in the deep fryer.

wings on granville:
39c everyday from 3-6pm.
these wings are too thin and small. however, the price is more acceptable if at the right time of the day. there are also a lot of flavours to choose from, including the classics and more (jakarta fire?)

elephant walk neighborhood pub (41/knight): (Monday and Wednesdays 4pm-close 3.99/lb, and saturdays all days/39c per wing)
all choices were first battered and deep fried, KFC style. then they are tossed (extra 30c) in the choice of spices, not that many choices however, they kinda all tasted the same because its really just deep fried with batter.
the specials require a drink purchase.

mountain shadow pub (bottom of SFU) (Tuesdays and Wednesday)
the wings were a decent size and SO CHEAP (25c).  There are not as many flavours to choose from but can't complain with the price.  Drink required for this special.

deuce bungalow ( on granville and nelson)

cheapest and classiest wings we've had (25c) EVER!
there are only 3 flavours, but they are high quality wings and are big and juicy and nicely presented. The flavours are breaded, coriander honey garlic and barbeque.  no drink order required.
this deal was available during the summer, but it maybe a limited time promotion.

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