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How to EARN money while you SHOP

How to EARN money while you SHOP

It's inevitable...even the frugal-est of people sometimes have to go on a shopping spree...but that doesn't mean that you can't do it smart.  If you've read my post about splurging for an Apple MacBook, then you'll know that I've found a way to get a big discount on my purchase.  What I didn't disclose in that post was that I also found another cost saving by signing up to Ebates Canada.

Is Ebates a scam you ask ? Really, this site seems too good to be true, but after reading through their website and have seen commercials on TV, they looked pretty legit.  Ebates is a "cash back shopping" and has been around since 1998.  They've only really started in Canada in 2012 and have international counterparts in the US, Korea, China and Russia.  If you're still skeptical, they have good reviews from highly regarded organizations like Cosmopolitan, Yahoo, CTV News ..etc.. If you're STILL not convinced, they have  Better Business Bureau rating of A+.

It's rare that there are any deals you can from Apple, but Ebates offer 1% cash back from Apple Canada... which is a lot when you consider how expensive Apple products are !

Here's what my cashback looked like from my last purchase:

Ebates Canada Apple

It really does work !!

Not buying from Apple ? Don't worry, they have tons of other well know brands you can shop from.

Ebates Canada Shop

It's true you can actually earn money while you shop ! So lesson of the day is just because you want to save money doesn't mean you can't buy anything just need to shop smarter!

Will you be using Ebates to shop smarter?

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My trusted skin care products for sensitive skin

My trusted skin care products for sensitive skin

I have very sensitive skin and eczema, so when I choose skincare it’s always a hit or miss.  Sometimes it works great, and then it doesn’t work so well after a while.  After many years of trying moisturizers, here some that I find works best with my sensitive skin.



Clinique has always advertised as a brand that is gentle on skin and dermatologist tested.

I like how light these feel on my skin and are not as oily as some moisturizers might be.


Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel or Lotion

The gel version of this is a bit light for me sometimes, but when the weather is hot and I’m in a humid environment, it works great.  The lotion can be a bit oily, but I usually switch between the gel or lotion depending on how dry my skin is.


 Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

This has been my favourite lately.  Although it says overnight mask, I use it as my everyday face moisturizer.  It has thick enough texture that it feels really hydrating for my skin, but at the same time doesn’t leave a floating layer that some of the oilier moisturizer has.

estee lauder

 Estee lauder Advanced Multi-Protection Crème – Oil Free SPF 25

This crème is great for those really dry days when you need a moisturizer to last you a whole day.  I chose the Oil Free version because of my sensitive skin and my skin can’t handle too much oil.  Another great thing about this moisturizer is the SPF included…perfect for my lazy nature ;)


Clinique Liquid Facial Soap – Mild

This has to be the gentlest cleanser I’ve used so far.  Usually other cleansers leave my skin really dry after I use it.  But this one actually feels moisturizing and gentle on my skin.

 As you can see, most of my products are from Clinique.  It has been really good to my sensitive skin, and unlike other brands, it is reasonably cheap – comparable to drug store cleanser prices!

If you have sensitive skin like me, I hope these might help you choose your perfect moisturizer!

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Why you should buy refurbished Apple products

I recently was searching for a MacBook Air and was discouraged by the fact that it was SO expensive !  I was really hoping to get one because I was finally tired of lugging around my heavy laptop around ( plus side was that it had a large screen!).  The battery was next to nothing and some keys on the keyboard was starting die on me.

So there I was at the Apple store gawking at the slim and battery efficient MacBook Airs, wondering where I can get the best deal from for getting an Apple product- since they're luxury products, they rarely go on sale.  I obviously considered buying second hand and looking on Craigslist and Ebay, but they're a hit or miss sometimes.  I need more reassurance if I'm going to fork out $1000 for my MacBook.

Then a thought came to me...

What about a refurbished Mac?

I then went on handy Google and searched.

And it was then that i was certain that I should definitely get a refurbished MacBook Air from the Apple store and here's why.

Apple has a really great refurbishment process and policy

The refurbished products come with a new outer shell, new battery, and the same one-year warranty that new hardware comes with. Pretty much a new MacBook, physically and performance wise

A huge saving

You would be able to get a MacBook Air 11" for $950 after taxes and shipping is always free !  That's around $300 of savings - which would be hard to find with Apple products.

Not happy with it ?

You still have the same 14 day return policy as if you are not satisfied with it.

Will you buy refurbished now?

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Our pick for travel plug converter

We travel quite a bit..for work and for when it comes to bringing our electronics, we often have to find the right plug converter.  A trusted website that we always buy from is DealExtreme. It has great prices for a variety of accessories.  This has to be the best deal we've seen for a portable universal travel plug - especially compared to the prices at the airport ! It converts for US/UK/EU and AU plugs.

This product works and for that price, it won't hurt your wallet when you lose it during your trip !

If you're planning to buy from DealExtreme, be sure to buy a month ahead of time as they take a while to least from my experience (but maybe because we also don't pay for express post!)

Looking to buy the product? Click below or this link !

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My pick for Indoor Bike Trainer Exercise Stand

It’s winter time, and that means that my motivation to work-out is dwindling... I’ve signed up for a gym membership before, but since I’ve been busy and the gym is always too crowded, I thought I should do some exercise at home. I recently saw a magnetic stationary bike stand at someone’s house and thought ..hey, since I have a bike sitting at home, it would probably be pretty cheap to just purchase a bike stand and mount my existing bike on there. And so my search for an affordable stationary bike stand started.

My first place to look was Amazon. I found this one that was orange..(I don’t really have preferences on colour) and it was also a bit cheaper than the blue version.

When I was doing research, I saw that lots of people commented that it was really loud..and when I finally mounted my bike on….it was true.

My problem: I had mountain bike tires which had really deep treads.

My solution: change my bike tires to city bike tires (thin and smaller/no treads).

I also had another problem when I was mounting my bike, and that was because I had a very old bike. One that didn’t have the quick release on the back wheel. Why does this matter? Because one side of the wheel nut will not fit inside the bike stand.

[otw_is sidebar=otw-sidebar-9]

My solution: change my bike nut to one that had a narrower/longer end. This solved my problem pretty easily.

After modifying my bike to fit the stand, it cost about 30 bucks, which is not too bad consider most of the good stationary bike machines are in the $1000s.

If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable bike stand, I recommend getting this one!

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Review of ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-H1-GR 10.1"

We recently got a new windows tablet and after a very thorough reserach, we decided to go with the ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-H1-GR 10.1".  Now that we've used it... was our research useful?  Did we get the best that fit our budget?

For the most part, it was a pretty good machine.  But there are a few things that could have been better.

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  • 32GB is not enough, 28GB are accessible, 20 is used for windows. You really have 8 GB for other items.   To remedy this we got the 500GB hard drive but some programs must be installed on the C drive.

  • windows 8.1 has not yet reached maturity: on-screen keyboard on top of notepad for example is just bad design

  • it seems I need to use a proper charger which delivers enough current to charge this, otherwise, you wake up in the morning with 30% battery use.

If you're looking to get this product, here's the product on amazon.

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Dragon boat paddle comparison

dragonboat paddle

I’m only reviewing the ones I have experience with and are at around the same level.

* To be taken into account is also if there is a local sales rep because when your paddle breaks, the sales reps will replace them for free or fix them if it is within warranty.

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Burn water Reactor II: ***

- 420g

- Nice feel and weight balance

- The blade is nice and flat, I like the catch better than the Apex counterpart.

- Seen a lot of handles break off. The sales rep fixed those paddles.

Apex Accelerator: ***

- 420g

shape of blade is triangular, the catch doesnt feel as solid as burn water but it is just my feel.

the handle was attached to the shaft with a triangular end which minimizes surface area for epoxy. Handle came off all the time. More recent models have a screw in there so the handle holds better. My handle and several of my teammates’ handles broke off.

- the weight distribution feels odd, it seems the blade is lighter than the burn water so when you hit a wave, you have to resist harder if you don’t want to lose your grip.

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Trivium S12 ****

- 340g

- The paddle is extendable. Now this is a bit overlooked. A lot of first-time buyers are committing to paddle lengths that are shorter than they should be and regret it later on. This takes care of that problem.

- I've broken quite a few paddles in my career. I broke most at the joint between blade and shaft and broke another at the handle. To me, it feels nice to have a paddle that doesn’t have those two weak spots.

The Trivium has handle integrated with the shaft and blade integrated to shaft so there’s less chance of breaking the paddle there on an important race.

- It is more fragile than burn water: if u get hit by somebody behind u, it might leave a dent. Everyone I know who got a trivium swears never to go back to whatever they had before.

- there are also ergonomic handles as an option. not sure it makes a huge difference but because the finish is slightly rounded, you’d get less calus on your palm.

Chinook diablo **

- 545g

chinook's a quick fix.

- Everybody wants to get rid of their chinooks at a later point of their careers to get a higher grade paddle. If u just wanna have something thats better than wood, its a good alternative

- the finish of the blade is bad, the blade chips all over the edge, the entry will get worse and worse.

- The handle is round and a little thinner than the other paddles though and it has small grooves to improve grip. I actually liked that.


- Please don’t

- I always see people using these are it is fairly obvious the stroke is different. This makes it very hard for a team to blend. Typically, you will fall behind on the stroke and have slow recovery because it is much heavier than the carbon fibers.


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Product Review of Brooklyn Olde Lantern

Well, I'm a sucker for infomercials. But most of the time, when I get the product, it doesn't exactly perform the way I thought it would in my gullible mind.
The Brooklyn Olde Lantern is one such item that I thought would be so great for when I go fix my Tercel and film videos. Its supposed to illuminate the whole room!!!
Well, not really. Lets take a look at this video

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So you can see that in close range, its actually not bad, kind of similar to the iPhone that we used for lighting in the second half of the video where the lantern is turned off, the lit area remained about the same brightness. You can also see a lot of dark streaks around which is really not ideal when you're trying to specifically light up an area.

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I was trying to use that to light up particular impasses in my car while trying to replace the oxygen sensor that you will soon see here... it didnt work too well and we ended up using an iPhone because the focused light on long range just ends up being better for specificity.
The build of the lantern also feels very cheap. The lantern is pretty light as a consequence.
The lantern takes C batteries... not super mainstream but i happened to have a lot of them, they seem to be common for lights.
Still, I can imagine this being really cool when we go camping or something because in pitch dark, it'd be enough to light up the wider area and not have to flash around looking for where you're going.
I bought this for 17.98$ including shipping, which is really not too bad. Now you have to be very careful when ordering this on their website because you start by entering your credit card number and then they make tons of sweet offers that are so long to read you might just see the words FREE and HALF PRICE and MORE POWERFUL or PREMIUM. But whatever you say yes to, THERE ARE NO CONFIRMATION PAGE, you will be buying those as you click yes!!!
So I somehow ended up buying 2 and it turned out i bought 3, and i called to cancel so i'd get 2, but they said my order was not in the system yet and to call back tomorrow. I saw Ok. Next day, when I called, they  tell me the order has been shipped and that they can't retract it. After bitching a little about how the guy said it would be ok o call next day, they told me they'd refund me 15$ and so I accepted because, well, its not too bad of a deal.

So bottomline, be very careful when ordering this piece.

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